Raisa Panagiotou
Dietician clinical
Nutritionist clinical
4A Aginoros str.
3026 Limassol
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Raisa Panagiotou is a qualified clinical dietitian and sports nutritionist and provides the following services to her patients:

  • Clinical nutrition. An individual’s nutrition is evaluated and a relevant treatment is provided, depending on the patient’s needs. Nutritional intervention is further provided, according to the type of illness in order to improve their health, cure the disease and reduce the cost of health care. Clinical conditions may include diabetes mellitus, hyperlipidemias (cholesterol and triglycerides), anemia, gastrointestinal diseases, heart disease, hypertension, osteoporosis, celiac disease, cancer, metabolic diseases etc.
  • Weight management. Drawing up a special nutrition program depending on the person's daily calorie needs and physical activity in order to achieve the desired body weight.
  • Sports nutrition. Drawing up an individual program for athletes, depending on the specific sport, the duration of the training period, physical condition, medical history, habits and dietary preferences.
  • Body fat monitoring - body composition analysis. Measurement with special equipment of total body fat, fat stored in lipocytes (fat cells) and visceral fat. Skeletal and muscle mass and body fluids are also analyzed.
  • Nutrition during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Designing a program to meet the nutritional needs of both mother and baby, providing optimal nutritional support and avoiding possible risks such as gestational diabetes and eclampsia.
  • Anthropometric measurements. Anthropometric measurements include height and weight measurements, along with circumference measurements on your waist, abdomen, chest, buttocks and arms when deemed necessary. The measurements take place to provide a clearer picture in regards to the gradual decrease or increase in the circumference of the above mentioned regions.

Website: http://www.thelimassolnutritionist.com

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Raisa Panagiotou has a long-standing interest in sports and particular rhythmic gymnastics. Her interaction with nutrition grew a long time ago while adapting to the lifestyle of an athlete. Being a champion in rhythmic gymnastics, she was enforced into restricted and specific nutritional habits.

She graduated with Honours from the University of Athens with a B.Sc. (Hons.) in Physical Education and Sports Science. Also, she continued her postgraduate studies in sports nutrition and clinical dietetics in UK. Raisa Panagiotou completed a work placement at Hippokrateio Hospital in Athens and practised at Limassol General Hospital, in private clinics, nursing homes for the elderly in health services and also in sport training centres.

Currently, Raisa Panagiotou is working as a Clinical Dietitian in her own office in Limassol.

Languages Spoken

English, Greek