PANTHEO Eye Centre
18 Robert Kennedy Street
3076 Limassol
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Services of the PANTHEO EYE CENTER :


Visual acuity check (Snellen, EDTRS); Refraction (prescription of glasses for distant and near vision); Tonometry (measurement of intraocular pressure); Slit lamp examination; Ophthalmoscopy; Contact Lenses fitting for refractive errors and Keratoconus; Orthokeratology; Orthoptic assessment in adults and children; Retinoscopy; Contrast sensitivity test; Endotheliometry (Topcon); Pachymetry; Biometry –IOL master; Ultrasound (A-scan, B-scan); Ultrasound Biomicroscopy – UBM (Aviso); Corneal topography and;  tomography (Allegro topolyzer); Eye wavefront analysis (Zywave analyzer); Visual fields (Humphrey Field Analyzer); OCT disc and macula (Cirrus-Zeiss); OCTA-OCT Angiography;  (Spectralis HRA+OCT imaging platform-Heidelberg Engineering; Wide field fluorescein angiography (Spectralis HRA, Heidelberg Engineering); Electrodiagnostics – EDTs (ERG, EOG, VEP).


Femtosecond laser assisted cataract surgery –FLACS (LenSx-ALCON); Phacoemulsification (Centurion Vision System – ALCON); Vitrectomy- macula hole surgery, Epiretinal membrane peeling; Retinal detachment repair with and without Vitrectomy; Anti-VEGF injections –AVASTIN, LUCENTIS, EYLEA; Femtosecond LASIK (visumax-ZEISS); Cornea Refractive Surgery –PRK, LASIK (Alegretto WAVELIGHT); Conreal Cross Linking for keratoconus (PESCHKE-Platinum PXL); Pterygium and limball transplantation surgery; Corneal transplantation Full thickness transplantation (PKP) and partial thickness transplantation (DESAEK,DEAMEK); Amniotic Membrane Transplantation; Trabeculectomy; Cyclodiode laser ablation; Ahmed glaucoma valve implant; Lid surgery; Dacryocystorhinostomy –DCR; Other Oculoplastic surgeries; Retinal Photocoagulation (PASCAL Laser system); YAG-Laser system (ZEISS).

Dr. Theodoros Potamitis - Trauma, Vitreo-retinal surgery, Medical retina

Dr. Pantelis Ellinas - Cataract and Refractive Surgery

Dr. Maria Drousiotou - Cataract and Refractive Surgery

Dr. Katia Papastavrou - Glaucoma and glaucoma surgery

Dr. EleniTopouzi - Oculoplastics, lacrimal surgery, cataract

Dr. Yianna Antoniou - Cataract, Vitreo-retinal surgery, Medical retina

Dr. Antigoni Koukkouli - Oculoplastics, Thyroid eye disease, Lacrimal surgery and


Dr. Loukiana Tsierkezou - Cataract, Medical Retina and Uveitis (Inflammatory eye diseases)

Constantinos Kallias –Optometrist

Amalia Sophocleous – Orthoptist

Maria Michaeloudi - Orthoptist


 Pantheo Eye Centre, founded in 2004,is specialist eye clinic in Limassol. The cornerstone of the philosophy of Pantheo is the personalized patient approach. Ophthalmologists of different sub specialties supported by a team of expertly trained nursing and paramedical staff, provide of a legeartis care in both straight forward and complicated ophthalmic cases. The team of Pantheo has as its goal the best possible provision of high-quality and integrated services covering the entire spectrum of eye diseases at a level equivalent of other major European ophthalmological centres. It received referrals from the whole of Cyprus and the surrounding middle east. Pantheo also makes a major contribution to medical education through its affiliation with University of Nicosia Medical School and is actively involved in medical research and scientific development through its annual congress.


Languages Spoken

Czech, English, Greek, Hungarian