Dr. Xenia Constantinidou
101 Acropoleos Avenue, apt. 401
2012 Nicosia
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Specialized Radiologist, Founder of the Opsis Medical Imaging

Graduated in 2003 from  the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki -Medical School.

In 2005, Acquisition of the Title of Practitioner (Preregistration) at the General Hospital of Nicosia.

In 2012, she completed her specialty in Radiology at the radiology lab of the “AHEPA University Hospital” . The doctor further specialized in breast imaging at “Theagenio Cancer Hospital” (Thessaloniki). Moreover, Dr Xenia Constantinidou enhanced her knowledge by receiving a special training on MRI examinations at the General Hospital “G. Papanicolaou”.

During her specialization training, she was trained in the whole spectrum of radiological modalities (CT,MRI, X rays, Mammographs,Ultrasounds including all vascular examinations with colour doppler imaging, as well as in pediatric radiology.

In 2017, she participated in the 29th Baby Hip Ultrasound Seminar with Professor Graf at Heath Park Campus, University Hospital of Wales, in Cardiff, Wales.

She has a special interest and many years of experience in the breast  imaging.

Dr Constantinidou is currently working at  OPSIS MEDICAL IMAGING, a Radiological Center, which is located in Nicosia. 



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Additional Information

Doctor Xenia Constantinidou is an experienced radiologist.

OPSIS MEDICAL IMAGING  offers its clients a full range of radiological services, X-ray, ultrasound, Dexa-scan (test for osteoporosis).

Ultrasound examinations of children and adults

Pediatric ultrasounds

Ultrasound of upper and lower abdomen (liver, gallbladder, bile ducts, kidneys, pancreas, aorta, urinary bladder, uterus, ovaries and prostate)

Pyloric/gastrointestinal system ultrasound

Ultrasound of the ovaries and uterus- development control.

Νeck/thyroid gland ultrasound

Hip ultrasound (ultrasound of the developmental dysplasia of the hips -Graf method or for investigation of intrarticular effusion.

Brain ultrasound (only in newborn and infants and only until the anterior fontanelle is open around 12th month)

Vertebral column/spinal cord ultrasound: only in newborns and infants for the investigation of congenital disorders of the spine and spinal cord, belonging to the spectrum of dysraphism (spinal bifida, lipoma, filum terminale, fistula etc ).

Adults ultrasound

Ultrasound of the upper abdomen (liver, pancreas, spleen, bile ducts, kidneys)

Ultrasound of the lower abdomen

Man: urinary bladder, prostate gland, before and after the urination

Woman: uterus, ovaries, urinary bladder.

Breast ultrasound

Elastography, core biopsy of breast lessions

Ultrasound of thyroid gland, parathyroid glands, salivary glands and neck.

Mapping of cervical lymph nodes

Elastography and FNA of thyroid nodules

Scrotal ultrasound

Myosceletal ultrasound

 (joints, muscles, soft tissue)

Colour doppler ultrasound examination

Abdominal aorta

Splenoportal system

Renal arteries

Arteries and veins of upper and lower limbs

Carotid and vertebral arteries

Scrotal vessels

Thoracic ultrasound (pleural effusion, diaphragm mobility control etc)

Liver elastography

X-rays performed at OPSIS MEDICAL IMAGIMG:
• Scull x ray
• Sinuses X ray
• Chest X
• X ray of the spine (Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbar spine)
• Pelvis X ray
• Joint x ray (knee, shoulders, hips, elbows, ankle and wrist)
• Abdominal X ray
• X ray of the bones of upper and lower limbs
• Bone age x ray (hand) -helps the prediction of the final height of the children due to international standards of the children, checking the maturity of the skeleton



Website: http://www.opsisimaging.cy