Dr. Alexios Agapidis
Др. Алексиос Агапидис
Orthopaedic surgeon
Orthopaedic traumatologist
87, Vasileos Constantinou Ave.
8021 Paphos
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Accepts children
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Additional Information

Doctor Alexios Agapidis has big experience in orthopaedics and surgery, works according to the method of Professor G.A. Ilizarov and specialises in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of the following conditions in :

  • Destraction osteogenesis
  • Osteomelitis
  • Bone deformities
  • Arthrodesis
  • Spinal surgery, including modern, minimally invasive techniques
  • Surgery on the tubular bones (which form the basis of the limb skeleton), including use of pins, external fixation devices and other appliances
  • Plastic surgery on ligaments, tendons and muscles for contractures and paralysis
  • Use of corrective staging plasters, plaster casts
  • Various orthopaedic appliances (insoles, corsets, special shoes, splints)
  • Endoprosthetics for joints
  • Prosthetic limbs
  • Therapeutic exercise therapy
  • Skeletal and skin traction

Doctor Alexios Agapidis provides services for adults and children any age.


Doctor Alexios Agapidis graduated from Kharkov State Medical University in 2004. After graduation Doctor Alexios specialised as an orthopaedic surgeon at the military hospital in Thessaloniki, Greece. From 2019 to 2021 Doctor Alexios Agapidis worked at the State Hospital in Serron, Greece. Since 2021, Doctor Alexios Agapidis, the otropedic surgeon, provides services at the Evangelismos Private Hospital in Paphos, Cyprus.

Languages Spoken

English, Greek, Russian