Dr. Christos Theofanous
Др. Христос Теофанус
Children's psychologist
1, Agias Zonis & Thesallonikis, office 408A
Nicolaou Pentadromos Center, Block A
3026 Limassol
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Additional Information

Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist Doctor Christos Theofanous provides psychological support and help for psychological problems such as :

  • Personality disorders related to high or low self-esteem, caused by insult or mistrust, bad relationships or upbringing, wrongly chosen life orientations;
  • Mild phobias (caused by past events);
  • Mild neuroses, such as insomnia, lack of appetite, apathy and other symptoms;
  • Crises that occur at a time of crisis in a person's life - adolescence, mid-life crisis, over-40s and menopause;
  • Intimate problems of a psychological nature;
  • Stresses related to any life events or relationships;  
  • Drug and alcohol dependence;

Psychological services provided:

  •  Individual psychotherapy for adults, children (any age)  and adolescents.
  •  Parental counseling
  •  Couples therapy

Sessions are provided both in person and online (whatsapp, telegram)


Doctor Christos Theofanous graduated in Psychology from Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia.  Doctor Christos Theofanous worked for over 13 years for the Cypriot Ministry of Health in the Department of Mental Health. Doctor Christos has worked in all fields of public health concerning psychology, psychiatry and psychotherapy, such as the psychiatric clinic in the department for children and adolescents, the outpatient department and the department for drug addicts. Clinical Psychologist Doctor Christos Theofanous is currently working in the general health system (Gesy) and provides service for clients in his own clinic in the centre of Limassol, Cyprus.


Languages Spoken

English, Greek, Russian