Anninia Hadjiloizou
Аннинья Хаджилуизу
Agias Fylaxeos street,86,Georgiades Building,office 101,
3025 Limassol
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From 2013 to the present, Clinincal Dietitian and nutritionist Anninia Hadjiloizou works at her own Beauty Clininc in the center of Limassol, Cyprus. Anninia is also a regular lecturer at Susini College in Dietetics and Nutrition.

Clinical Dietitian Anninya Haciluizu specializes in solving many problems associated with poor nutrition and malfunctioning of the body:

  • Being overweight or underweight;
  • Diet therapy (for diabetes mellitus, ulcers, gastritis and other chronic diseases);
  • Disturbances in the digestive system (bowel disorders, heartburn, bloating, frequent belching, etc.);
  • The need for correction of the diet (during pregnancy, professional sports, etc.);
  • Headaches;
  • Various manifestations of allergies;
  • High blood pressure;
  • Increased fatigue and joint pain.

As a Nutritionist, Anninya Hajiluizu specializes in:

  • Development of recommendations regarding the choice, preparation and consumption of food;
  • Determination of the chemical composition of products;
  • Analysis of metabolic processes, as well as their normalization and recovery;
  • Formation of the correct diet and eating habits;
  • Studying the mechanism of interaction between different products and components;
  • Identifying a deficiency of minerals, vitamins, correcting the problem with the help of proper nutrition;
  • Prevention of obesity and diseases that lead to excess weight.



Clinincal Dietitian and Nutritionist Anninia Hadjiloizou was graduated from John Moores University of Liverpool Β.Α. in 2009 specializing in nutritionist, in 2011 she was graduated from the Cyprus International Institute of Management and received a Master of Science in Leadership and Educational Management. In 2013, Anninia continued her education and graduated in 2014 from the University of Chester in the UK and earned her Master's degree in Dietetics and Human Nutrition. Dietitian and Nutritionist Anninia Hadjiluizu is currently completing her BA in Nutrition and Dietetics at the European University of Cyprus.

Languages Spoken

English, Greek, Russian