Alexandros Solomonides Physioterapy and Rehabilitation Center
Rehabilitation center
Steliou Kiriakidi street, 43
3080 Limassol
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The Alexandros Solomonides Rehabilitation Centre provides the following physiotherapy services :

  • Electrotherapy, ultrasound (relaxation of muscle spasms, prevention, pain reduction, acceleration of wound healing, treatment of chronic and intractable pain)
  • Bowl massage/Cupping therapy (suction cup therapy relaxes muscles, stimulates blood flow, relieves back and neck pain)
  • Mobilization and stretching training 
  • Deep massage/ manual therapy
  • Dry acupuncture (relieves some muscle aches, stiffness and trigger points, improves flexibility and increases range of motion, treats pain and muscle spasm.
  • ERGON technique (improves blood and lymph circulation, friction massage for tendon disorders, reduces muscle tone and spasm, accelerates healing, increases joint range of motion)
  • Kinesio-taping (supports injured muscles or joints, prevents cramps and spasms, prevents overstretching, increases muscle tone)
  • Magnetotherapy
  • Thermotherapy (Tecar Machine)


Physiotherapist Alexandros Solomonides graduated with a BSc in Physiotherapy from the European University of Cyprus. Since 2016 Alexandros has been practising in his own rehabilitation centre in Limassol, Cyprus

Languages Spoken

English, Greek